Your Foundation For Mental Health

The fundamental training to have joy, stability and inner peace

This is what you get:

  • Release of anxiety and self-defeating thoughts
  • Come back into alignment with your "true Self"
  • Find a place of stability
  • Create fulfillment from within
  • Have no compromises for stress & align your will for success

This is what we offer you inside the course:

  • Training to
    • observe without attachment
    • practice forgiveness
    • gain clarity
    • allow & unfold your true nature
  • Recognize your core-values and innocent being
  • Allow your effortless joy into life and share that smile ;)
  • Training in writing, doing tests, physical practices and sending assignments

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Your Instructor

Brian Møller Jacobsen
Brian Møller Jacobsen
I am the Director and Founder of A Mind For You
My name is Brian Møller Jacobsen, and I help people to kickstart their full potential and have their life experience 100% aligned with their joy and passion!
Personally I have No traditions, no predicted way. I am open to see, how life is, by creating from my joyful state. I bring this attitude where ever I go. I use exactly the methods in the courses I offer to those ready to make their lifes as playful!
My commitment is to be of service to anyone ready to step into their own creative light!

My background is simply a loving desire and a vision to see this planet, with all its beauty and us living joyfully and passionately along with it. I am self taught, through a process of giving up everything I ever worked for. To come into a complete ground situation with nothing but the experience and understanding:
I am here, I can bring and share whatever I hold dear. This is now my kingdom and gifts to share. I started on the streets and now I can teach and see even more people break free from illusive boundaries no longer supportive for their joy and peace.
My answer to make this vision come true is by teaching the fundamentals of "A Mind For You" - training model. Giving you the opportunity to adopt the teachings faster and hereby fulfilling my own passion of being of service.
I am excited to see you inside one of the courses and if you have any questions feel free to connect with me or any other mind trainers available.
write at: amindforyou@gmail.com and connect with a trainer to answer your questions, while seeing what course will be a perfect fit for you.
To your passion and joy,
Much Love and Respect,
Brian Møller Jacobsen

Class Curriculum

  Awareness - You already have it!
Available in days
days after you enroll

My experience with Brian and his program not only opened my mind but opened my soul, which I have re-remembered is my core Self. Amidst all the monkey mind self-defeating thoughts, and anxiety I had experienced for years, the universe showed me Brian. I enrolled in his six week program and learned skills and tools that have guided me back into alignment with

My 'true Self'!

His one on one approach and timeless patience with me, his open minded compassionate behaviour, and his love for life and truth, expanded my being in ways I didn't think possible with my old ingrained perceptions and belief systems. Brian pointed me towards learning and accepting forgiveness for myself and for others and showed me that unconditional self-love was the key to infinite possibilities, not only personally and professionally, but in each and every relationship with other living beings! It is an honour and privilege to testify to the benefits of Brian's program.

I love the hell out of this guy!!!

My continued gratitude and appreciation for you my friend.

This course will and have benefitted many people, who were struggling to find peace and rest inside. Many counterintuitively think that being peaceful means non-active. While most people actually found themselves doing a lot more ;)!

"A side effect":

Not only did they start feeling better on a daily basis, they started getting in touch with their deeper purpose within. Which in return brings excitement and joy effortlessly.

So thank you for even considering to train the mind for inner peace! Get started today and enjoy a more fullfilling and peaceful life.

Brian M. Jacobsen

Founder of A Mind For You and your personal mind trainer!

committed to our Mental Health and Intuitive Solutions